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After School Classes

Your kids will have a blast, develop autonomy, and gain important life skills. These hands-on classes will inspire your child to explore new ingredients and flavors and develop a lifelong healthy relationship with food.  Students enhance teamwork and communication skills through collaborative group work and develop problem-solving, resiliency, and adaptability. They can explore outside the recipe to work on creativity and innovation.  Food connects us, and students develop friends, have a caring space to ask questions, and express themselves in a nurturing environment. 

What They'll Learn

These hands-on, immersive experiences inspire and excite kids by using all of their senses while cooking. Students learn kitchen safety, knife skills, cooking techniques, choosing produce, reading a recipe, and table setting and etiquette. Learning to trust their intuition, they begin to develop skills to learn to cook without recipes. 

We aim to help students cultivate curiosity, confidence, creativity, and calm in the kitchen and collaborate and connect with peers through food. 

Helpful Details

Classes are held in Northeast Yonkers, Westchester, NY.

After-school classes are for six weeks.

The cost is 350. per person, which includes all food, supplies, and equipment.

No nuts are used in our recipes, but our facility is not nut free. 

Recipes that are not vegetarian have vegetarian alternatives.

Please send a take-home container so students can bring home what they make.

Bonus Skills

Too often, kids are expected to be perfect. This can stifle their creativity and problem-solving skills, making them afraid to take risks. One way to help kids overcome this fear is to create opportunities to make mistakes in a safe and supportive environment.

Cooking class is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn that making mistakes is okay. When a recipe doesn't turn out as expected, kids can devise a new plan with their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This builds their confidence and teaches them they can overcome challenges, an essential skill for academic success, school, and life.



See you in September

Come back in July for our fall afterschool cooking and baking classes.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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