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After School Classes

Your kids will have a blast, develop autonomy, and gain important life skills. These hands-on classes will inspire your child to explore new ingredients and flavors and develop a lifelong healthy relationship with food.  Students enhance teamwork and communication skills through collaborative group work and develop problem-solving, resiliency, and adaptability. They can explore outside the recipe to work on creativity and innovation.  Food connects us, and students develop friends, have a caring space to ask questions, and express themselves in a nurturing environment. 

What They'll Learn

  • Become culinary adventurers! These hands-on, immersive experiences spark imagination and ignite a love of cooking by engaging all of their senses.

  • Master essential kitchen skills: Students learn kitchen safety, gain confidence with knives, discover exciting cooking techniques, and practice choosing the freshest ingredients.

  • Build a strong foundation: They'll understand how to follow recipes with precision and and discover the joy of sharing a meal, learning how to facilitate engaging conversations at the table.

  • Unleash their inner chef: As they learn to trust their instincts, kids develop the ability to see recipes as inspiration, opening a world of culinary creativity.

  • Find joy and focus in the kitchen: We help students cultivate curiosity, confidence, calm, and a sense of accomplishment as they cook.

  • Connect through food: They'll collaborate with peers, share their creations, and discover the joy of community that comes from a shared love of food.

Helpful Details

  • Classes are held in Northeast Yonkers, Westchester, NY.

  • Classes are for ages 8+, except for Teen Cooking Technique which is for ages 13-17,

  • After-school classes are six sessions.

  • The cost includes all food, supplies, and equipment.

  • Our recipes have no nuts, but our facility is not nut-free. 

  • Recipes that are not vegetarian have vegetarian alternatives.

  • Please send a take-home container so students can bring home what they make.

  • Students should wear closed-toed shoes and bring a hair tie, if needed.

  • Make-ups are limited, but please email to see if we can accommodate them. 

Bonus Skills

We're not just building chefs; we're nurturing the next generation of creative, confident, and curious foodies! Your child will:

  • Discover a world of flavors: They'll expand their palate, sparking a lifelong love of trying new and exciting foods.

  • Become a fearless kitchen explorer: No recipe will intimidate them! We empower them to learn essential skills and gain the confidence to experiment with a sense of joy and adventure.

  • Unleash their imagination: Our camps are where recipes become a springboard for delicious inventions and personalized creations.

  • Experience the power of mindful cooking: Kids learn focus, calm, and a deeper appreciation for the joy of creating meals.

  • Build lasting friendships: Shared meals, laughter, and a passion for food create the perfect recipe for strong bonds.

With 28 years of experience, I know how to make cooking an adventure! Kids develop essential math, reading, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills – all while building lasting memories.

September 2024 - June 2025 Afterschool Classes

will be posted in July. Please sign up for our newsletter to be updated.

In a world that often demands perfection, kids need spaces to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them. Fear of failure can hold them back – stifling their creativity and problem-solving abilities. Cooking class is a perfect recipe for building resilience! When things don't go as planned in the kitchen, kids discover that mistakes are simply part of the learning process. They'll troubleshoot, adapt, and find creative solutions. This empowers them to face challenges with confidence, knowing they can succeed even when things don't go as expected – a skill that benefits them in the classroom and far beyond.

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