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Lily Heaney

Culinary Educator 

Lily Heaney is a born foodie! Growing up in the Chelsea section of NYC with the backdrop of her father’s restaurant and food from all over the world cooking in neighborhood kitchens are some of her most cherished memories. 


Lily was one of the opening staff at the Union Square Café with Danny Meyer during college, which fueled her passion for a new style of food and high-end service even more. Her next post was NY Times 3-star Restaurant Patroon, where she worked with celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

She moved to Bronxville after the birth of her son, where she managed a local Gourmet food shop with a catering division. Training staff for service and kitchen work was part of the job that was noted by her local Armour Villa Magazine, which led to catering local community events. Her own catering company BXVeats flourished and was a huge education in the food business.

Work at her son’s school events brought the PTA-bake-sale back to making one of the biggest money-makers of the school year. One of her favorite experiences was cooking for her son’s Scout troop, making cooking part of the curriculum, plus knife skills and kitchen safety that prepared them to earn their food-merit badges. 


Now Lily is focusing on what brings the most joy to her life – Gather Culinary is the perfect fit! For her, the love of cooking and working with children is a magical mixture. Cooking with the young and teenagers in a beautiful, safe kitchen and teaching the joys of cooking is a dream come true. 

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