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Camps & Teen Experiences

Watch your child blossom through the magic of food

At Gather Culinary, we're not just about cooking – we're about igniting creativity, building confidence, and fostering a lifelong love of food that nourishes both body and soul.

What awaits your child:

  • Hands-on culinary adventures: Master essential cooking skills, experiment with global flavors, and unleash their inner chef!

  • Teamwork and friendship: Forge lasting bonds with fellow foodies, from brainstorming recipes to conquering kitchen challenges together!

  • Resilience and problem-solving: Learn to think on their feet, overcome unexpected culinary hurdles, and celebrate the joy of trying again!

  • A nurturing environment: Build self-esteem in a supportive space where every question is welcome, every creation is applauded, and every bite is a delicious discovery.

Food connects us. Let us be where your child discovers the magic within, one delicious adventure at a time!

Ready to give your child the gift of an unforgettable summer filled with culinary fun and lifelong lessons? Scroll below to learn more and see all of our camps and teen experiences, and reserve your spot today! 

What They'll Learn

Watch your child blossom into a confident, creative cook through these hands-on culinary adventures! We go beyond teaching kitchen safety and recipes – we ignite a lifelong love of food that empowers them to:

  • Whip up delicious meals from scratch.

  • Transform fresh ingredients into vibrant dishes, using all their senses awakened by the magic of spices and herbs.

  • Experiment with flavors and techniques, and discovering the joy of improvisation.

  • Work together with new friends, building bonds and teamwork.

  • Find their happy place in the kitchen, a calming sanctuary where confidence and creativity flourish.

Helpful Details

Ready to make your little chef's summer dreams come true? Here's everything you need to know about joining the culinary fun!

  • Camp takes place in our bright and spacious kitchen in Northeast Yonkers, Westchester, NY!

  • Camps run Monday to Friday, unless otherwise noted.

  • For $550 per camper, we provide everything your child needs: delicious meals, all cooking supplies, and top-notch equipment. They'll leave with full bellies and happy hearts!

  • Our recipes are nut-free, but please note our facility is not nut-free. We cater to all dietary needs with creative vegetarian alternatives for every non-vegetarian dish.

  • Pack a take-home container! Leftovers are a cherished benefit after a day of culinary adventures, and we love seeing those happy faces when they get to share their creations at home.

Bonus Skills

More than just cooking skills, we cultivate:

  • Curiosity for new flavors and experiences

  • Confidence to tackle any recipe with a smile

  • Creativity to invent their own culinary masterpieces

  • Calm focus and mindfulness in the kitchen environment

  • Strong bonds and friendships through shared meals and laughter

  • As a 27-year licensed culinary arts and mindfulness teacher, I know the importance of designing classes to incorporate math, reading, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity through the life skill of cooking while having FUN! 

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