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Kohlrabi & Daikon Salad

This is my favorite type of salad - incredibly delicious from its simplicity. You can use carrots, radishes, or veggies you have on hand - slice thinly, top with herbs, dollop with yogurt or olive oil, salt, and pepper - toss together, and voila!

Serves 4

1 green or purple kohlrabi, peeled and julienned (or grated on the large side of a box grater)

1 daikon, peeled and thinly sliced (or grated on the large side of a box grater)

Handfuls of dill, cilantro, or parsley

¼ cup plain yogurt

Salt and pepper

Place kohlrabi and daikon in a bowl. Top with herbs, yogurt and toss to combine. Season with salt and pepper.

The best way to peel kohlrabi is to use a chefs knife and slice off both ends. Place one of the flat ends on your cutting board, and use the chefs knife to cut/remove the outer skin following the shape of the kohlrabi.


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