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Snow Cream

Snow cream is a treat I grew up eating any time it snowed. Some important notes: Use only freshly fallen CLEAN snow; avoid any tracks, animals, roads, etc. You're eating it, so you want it to be clean. I love anything in baking and cooking that allows for lots of flexibility. You can just make it, and it's successful!

4 cups clean snow

1/2 cup liquid (this could be milk, nondairy milk, chocolate milk, turmeric shots, elderberry tonic, cooled tea or coffee, smashed fruit, your favorite liqueur

1 - 4 tablespoons sweetener (granulated sugar, honey, maple syrup)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Place the snow in a bowl. Combine the liquid, sweetener, and vanilla. Pour over the snow, and using a work, work it together until completely combined. Eat immediately, or freeze for later.


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